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Construction of Jarillón for the benefit of the community of the municipality of Bolivar, Valle

The Riopaila Castilla group, in coordination with the Mayor's Office of Bolivar and other actors in the region, delivered the construction of the Jarillón, which will benefit the inhabitants of Bolivar, mainly the population of the Ricaurte township.

• This work is added to the second intervention carried out by the company in this municipality, which also tends to protect the community, its homes and different crops, which in rainy seasons can present floods and affectations by the Cauca riverbed, that runs through the area.

• “After 11 days of hard work we have the work ready; On behalf of the municipal administration, headed by the Mayor, Nodier Cardona, we greatly appreciate the support provided by the company”, mentions Fanor Guevara Bedoya, Coordinator of the Risk Management Committee of the Bolivar Mayor's Office.

• In this way, the Riopaila Castilla group continues to affirm its commitment to the communities from a co-responsibility perspective, which allows progress in the construction of a collective vision of development in the territories of its areas of influence.

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FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, under the FSSC 22000 standard

  • A reference framework for food safety requirements is established taking into account three key aspects:
  •  The establishment of a Food Safety Management System.
  •  Incorporate Good Practices (agricultural, manufacturing and distribution).
  • Consider the principles for hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP).

In addition, having an FSSC 22000 certificate has multiple benefits for the Organization, our customers and the entire spectrum of the food supply chain in general:

  • Demonstrates compliance with legal requirements within the food industry.
  • Promotes and improves customer confidence by facilitating access to the market.
    Improve operating margins through cost savings achieved by applying the disciplines contained in food safety standards.
  • Certification by schemes recognized by the GFSI as a guarantee of independence and impartiality, avoiding conflicts of interest.
  • Protects the brand, enhances consumer confidence and ensures product integrity.
  • Demonstrates compliance with legislation and the company's commitment to control and manage food safety risks.
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The Riopaila Castilla Group is the first company in the sector in Colombia to belong to the WEPs community – Women's Empowerment Principles

  • As part of its commitment to sustainability, during 2020 the Riopaila Castilla Group strengthened its commitment to inclusion and diversity through the implementation of the Gender Equality policy that responds to Sustainable Development Goals 5 and 10: "Equality of gender” and “Reduction of Inequalities”.
  • Within the framework of this policy, it promotes equal opportunities for men and women, and designs actions in the processes aimed at working towards the eradication of any type of violence, harassment or discrimination based on origin, age, gender, sex, political affiliation , race, disability, sexual orientation, or religion.
  • Articulated to this initiative, at the beginning of 2020, the WEPs community, "Women's Empowerment Principles", joined the community as an articulating vehicle for the fulfillment of the gender equality dimensions of the 2030 agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Organization.
  • Throughout the year, it strengthened its commitment to gender inclusion and diversity through the creation and inauguration of the gender equality committee, the visibility of the violence meter, communication campaigns such as transformative masculinities and types of violence, the commemoration of the "Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women", her participation as a panelist in the webinar led by the UN "exchange of business experiences on adherence to the principles for the economic empowerment of women - WEPs" and through the active participation in the “business school weaving paths for equity, led by the Mayor's Office of Santiago de Cali.
  • In this way, Riopaila Castilla is the first company in the sector in Colombia to belong to the WEPs community, and thanks to its work practice it will continue this year 2021, on the path of commitment to an inclusive work culture that ensures equal treatment and right at all levels of the organization.
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