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Code of Ethics and Good Governance

Since the time of its founding, Riopaila Castilla has always acted within frameworks of responsibility and transparency. Throughout its history, its corporate principles remain present in its relationship with its stakeholders. Riopaila Castilla trusts that its workers, contractors, suppliers of goods and services, sugarcane suppliers and clients, also adopt behaviors in line with these principles. In 2023 we update our code of ethics in favor of a sustainable and transparent operation.

To who

All natural or legal persons who have an employment, commercial, contractual, juridical or legal relationship with any company of the Agroindustrial Group are recipients and are covered by this Code, including, without limitation, members of the Board of Directors, workers, consultants, contractors. , suppliers, clients, affiliates and bidders of the Agroindustrial Group, as well as its shareholders, directors, beneficiaries, workers and subcontractors assigned to provide services to the Agroindustrial Group.

So we

All the Interest Groups with whom the
companies of the Riopaila Castilla Agroindustrial Group
must know the content of this Code, with the
in order to apply these principles in the relationship that
establish with each of the companies of the Group, their
managers and employees. Riopaila Castilla expresses its high
expectation that its Stakeholders strengthen their
good business and governance practices
corporate, based on the consolidation of an environment
ethics that contributes to trust and transparency.

Consultation and Complaint Channel

In case of any query, knowledge of any infraction or non-compliance with
provisions of this Code, employees and third parties have access to the
Transparent Line arranged by Riopaila Castilla to make the respective complaint.


Transparent Line Channels