Sustainability Policy

The company is firmly committed to continuing to work in a sustainable manner, acting in harmony with the territories where it operates, as an economic actor in development, generating shared value for its stakeholders, respecting and protecting natural resources, focusing its management in the protection of water resources and biodiversity, human rights and the demands of the global market, under strict compliance with the law, and focusing its efforts towards access to quality education and the improvement of food and nutritional security, as part of the focus of its Mega Goals to 2025.

AP-DEO-001-1 Human Rights Guidelines attached to the Sustainability Policy


Our practices respond to the Sustainable Development Goals SDG led by the United Nations for Development, that represent the basic principles towards the protection of the planet, guaranteeing prosperity and peace to all people.

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Accessions, agreements and recognition

WEP community

First company in the sector in Colombia to adhere to the community WEP'S Women's Economic Empowerment Principles - United Nations. With this adhesion, the company belongs to a Global Community of more than 3,300 companies in the world and is the first in the country's sector.

Elimination of discrimination in employment and occupation:

Equal Remuneration Convention 1951 (No. 100). Discrimination (Employment and Occupation) Convention 1958 (No. 111).

Weps Women's Empowerment Principles:

We adhere to these principles and commit to taking effective measures to advance gender equality and will focus our efforts on the empowerment of women and new masculinities. Additionally, we are in voluntary adherence to the Pact for Equity promoted among private sector companies. from the city of Cali.

Integral Development Foundation:

We participate in the consolidated business report “Valle por & para Todos”, showing the economic, social and environmental impact that we have achieved in the region.

Global Compact or United Nations World Compact:

We have adhered to the Global Compact since 2009, being promoters of respect for Human Rights. Principle 6: Companies must support the abolition of discriminatory practices in employment and occupation.

Gray standard:

We report our economic, environmental and social practices and impacts through the GRI standard.

Guiding principles on business and human rights:

Principle 17. Due diligence in human rights.


Recognition by the Government of Valle del Cauca as a leading company in the implementation of biosafety protocols for the prevention, control, containment and mitigation of Covid19, which allowed the company to continue operating without setbacks.

as panelists

Participation as panelists in the webinar "exchange of business experiences on adherence to the principles for the empowerment of women WEP'S" organized by UN Women and UNIDO.

Latin America Awards
Green 2019

Recognition in Green Latin America Awards for the "Labor Reconversion Model for Workers in Special Conditions". This award seeks to recognize the 500 best social and environmental projects in the region, and to be the showcase that boosts the green economy by exhibiting regional initiatives in 10 categories aligned with the SDGs.

A Noise for Women

Participation as panelists in the event "Un Ruidazo por las Mujeres" led by the Mayor's Office of Santiago de Cali.

Food Sector
and Sustainability

Participation as panelists in the discussion "Food Sector and Sustainability" with multinational and Chilean companies, organized by the Sustainability Observatory of the University of Chile.

Par Ranking 2019

Award for the best labor practice in gender equity awarded by Ranking PAR, for promoting equitable labor practices, for the “Semilleros Técnicos” program.


Recognition and participation in the panel of experts scheduled for the week of Safety and Health at Work of the National Police, for the company's Good Practices in Safety and Health at Work. Other participants: ILO, FASECOLDA and Grupo Cinco SA



We have been certified since 2015 and 2016 in the FSSC 22000 scheme that includes the regulations: ISO 22000:2018, ISO 22002-1, NTC 5830. Our certifying body is Icontec.

The scope is “Production of White and Refined Granulated Sugars” in Castilla and in Riopaila: “White, Refined and Brown Granulated Sugars, Mixtures of Calorie and Non-Calorie Sweeteners and Syrup Production”.


We have been certified since May 2004 in Kosher and since January 2013 in Halal, we guarantee that our product complies with the precepts of the Jewish and Islamic religions that certain export clients demand of us. Our current certifying body is Kosher Monterrey (Mexico).


The Association for Standardization and Certification AC (ANCE) certified the GHG inventory of the Riopaila Castilla Agroindustrial Group in Carbon Footprint for the production of alcohol during 2021. In our commitment to caring for the environment, we measure Greenhouse Gases ( GHG) generated in our operations to take actions aimed at its reduction and contribution to the care of the planet. To view the verification statement click here.