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Riopaila Energía SASESP is a public service company registered with the Colombian Wholesale Energy Market (MEM) as a generator and marketer agent, recognized by the Superintendence of Public Services with code 27631. RIOEN, by its acronym before the MEM, is part of the Riopaila Castilla Agroindustrial Group.

The Cogeneration Power Plant is located in the municipality of Zarzal in the north of Valle del Cauca. It came into operation in August 2015 with an installed capacity of 36.2 MW, and it is estimated that it will generate approximately 235 (GWh) gigawatts of energy per year through the use of biomass, a product of the sugar production process.

Its annual energy production is enough to supply energy to a city of 400 thousand inhabitants. The new cogeneration process allows the Riopaila Plant to be self-sufficient in 14.5 MWh of energy, to supply other companies such as EPM and to contribute a surplus of 13.2 MWh to the National Interconnected System to sell to third parties.

At the end of 2018, Riopaila Energía generated 293,225 MWh, 25% more than in 2017, equivalent to the consumption of a city of 643,037 inhabitants.

Likewise, it achieved operational income derived from the sale of energy to economic associates, Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM), Centrales Eléctricas de Nariño SAESP (Cedenar), Vatia and the Stock Exchange for a value of $28,204 million and a volume of 133,769 MWh. /year, which translates into an increase compared to 2017 of 51.7%. It closed the year with a profit of 1Q3Q5,472 million, an EBITDA of 1Q322,784 million vs. 1Q311,017 million in 2017 and an EBITDA margin of 80.81Q2Q compared to 58.91Q2Q the previous year.

Energy production process

regulatory framework

As part of the responsibility with the information that RIOPAILA ENERGÍA SASESP has with the regulatory bodies of the electricity market, the company makes public the documents referenced below for their consultation:

1.1 CGM Annual Report
Riopaila Energy SASESP:

Validity 2018
Validity 2019
Validity 2020
Validity 2021
Valid 2022

1.2. Scheduled maintenance
a Energy Measurement Systems

Standard N-FGE-001

1.3.Declarations and Procedures
Riopaila Energía SASESP

General rules of market behavior Res. CREG 080 of 2019.
Procedure for access to the electric energy service CREG Res. 080 of 2019.
Procedure for changing marketer Res. CREG 080-2019