Productive Processes

Countryside :

Adaptation, preparation and lifting of sugar cane cultivation on land reaching (38,000 Hectares) in the two Plants. Taking advantage of the support of entities such as Cenicaña that provides us through research with cane varieties for the improvement and optimization of union agricultural production, allowing us to obtain raw materials with high quality standards for the sustainability of crops.

Harvest :

Logistics Chain that allows the CAT (Cutting, Elk and Transport of cane) to be carried out for grinding, raw material placed on the factory table for the extraction of juice in the mills. 

Factory :

We have two manufacturing plants; Riopaila Plant, located north of Valle del Cauca in La Paila, Zarzal, with a grinding capacity of 9,600 tons of cane; and the Castilla Plant, located in the south of Valle del Cauca, in Pradera, with a grinding capacity of 7,200 tons of cane. 

Machinery and equipment :

We have our own workshops, which allow us to deliver the availability of the machinery required for Field operations and Harvest logistics, with state-of-the-art machinery, contributing to environmental sustainability and achieving efficiencies for each process.

Agricultural Services:

Riopaila Castilla SA decided to offer agricultural services with which, thanks to almost 100 years of experience in the sector, it could contribute its knowledge to cane suppliers in the Valle del Cauca region. With these services, the company seeks to become the best ally of its suppliers, transferring knowledge and good practices that allow it to improve its productivity and value generation, under strict care of the environment.

Precision farming:

  • Varied rate fertilization
  • Soil variability maps
  • Productivity maps
  • Furrowed with autopilot


  • varietal development
  • Seedling Production
  • Production of seedbeds free of pests and diseases
  • Pest and disease assessments
  • Advice and technical support on agronomic issues
  • Release of beneficials (control of borers and aphids)

Field Laboratory:

  • floors
  • Leaf tissue
  • waters
  • composting
  • stillage
  • fertilizers

Agricultural engineering:

  • Technical advice on the construction of irrigation systems for sugar cane
  • Technical support in the construction of irrigation districts
  • Technical advice on construction and maintenance of dikes
  • Construction and maintenance of irrigation and drainage civil works
  • Water balance and administrative control of irrigation in contracted lands
  • Technical support before autonomous corporations and user associations, monitoring of concessions and regulations

Credit agreements:

  • Financial Services to Sugarcane Suppliers