More than 100 years cultivating trust, development and future

The Riopaila Castilla SA sugar project dates back to when the company began operating in 1918 as a sugar mill on Hacienda Riopaila, in the north of Valle del Cauca, then in 1928, Don Hernando Caicedo Caicedo, a seasoned businessman Valleca Ucano, inaugurates the Ingenio Riopaila SA and installs the sugar factory in the district of La Paila, south of the municipality of Zarzal. Later, in October 1945, Central Castilla SA was inaugurated and the sugar factory was installed in Pradera, Valle. In 2006 both companies split the industrial operation giving rise to Riopai la Industrial SA and Castilla Industrial SA

In 2007, Riopaila Industrial SA and Castilla Industrial SA merged, giving rise to Riopaila Castilla SA, which has two manufacturing plants: Riopaila Plant, located north of Valle del Cauca in La Paila (Zarzal) and Castilla Plant, located south of Valle del Cauca in Pradera.

With the firm purpose of maintaining growth that not only generates economic value, but also brings social development and contributes to environmental protection, the company decided to diversify the business and go beyond the production and marketing of sugar and honey, For this reason, in 2015, Riopaila Castilla SA opens the doors to its two most important projects for the Colombian agribusiness sector: the Fuel Alcohol Distillery Plant and the Energy Cogeneration Plant, located in the Riopaila Plant.
In this way, the company has been characterized as a visionary company, which thanks to its drive and strong decision, has contributed to Colombian agro-industrial development. His time in livestock farming, in the sugar industry and recently in biofuels, cogeneration and fruit trees, sectors in which he has made valuable contributions, are a reflection of the spirit of the organization, willing to take risks that, in addition to bringing benefits to the business, result in benefits and comprehensive development for the country.

Sugar making process