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Cattle raising


Veracruz Operations


Continuing with the expansion of Operations Veracruz, the operation of modernized livestock breeding continued on all farms, complemented by the weaning half-fattening program with the planting of improved pastures and the Agro Silvo Pastoril pilot plan.

At the end of 2018, the progress of these operations was:

  • Livestock had a total of 1,462 births, which in 2018 totaled a value of 6,937 animals distributed in the different operating farms in Vichada. In this way, the year ended with a birth rate indicator of 58.6%, much higher than the departmental average, which is around 45%, and a mortality value of 2.78 %, below the 10% at the regional level.
  • 1,696 animals were sold against 1,490 that had been budgeted.
  • In 2018, 600 hectares of improved pastures of the species were established Brachiaria Brizanta, where it is expected to manage a total of approximately 600 heads, for breeding and fattening cattle.