We are committed to the communities near our area of operation

Santiago de Cali, March 22, 2020


We are committed to the communities near our area of operation, to the region and the country

  • "Given the current situation in our country, we have made decisions in line with the government's guidelines, assertively abiding by preventive measures in the face of the health emergency in Colombia," This was stated by Carlos Augusto Gómez, Sustainability Manager of the Riopaila Castilla Group.
  • He also indicated that “Today our country and the region need us, that is why the countryside does not stop, in Riopaila Castilla we do not stop either, and in moments like these our corporate values stand out. Because we cooperate to ensure the supply of food products, responsibly assuming the preventive and protection measures that we implement for the care of our operational workers and their families.”
  • Bearing in mind that Zarzal, and its corregimiento La Paila, Florida, Bugalagrande and Pradera are municipalities that belong to the company's significant areas of operation, and a high percentage of workers reside in them, yesterday, Saturday, March 21, the Riopaila Group Castilla delivered 1,000 liters of glycerinated alcohol to each municipality and expanded delivery to Roldanillo and Tuluá. In total, it delivered 7 thousand liters.
  • Starting today, the company began the delivery of anhydrous alcohol, made at the Riopaila production plant, in Zarzal, for the workers of the Riopaila Castilla Group. Today's delivery was at the Riopaila plant, and on Tuesday the supply to workers at the Castilla plant will begin.
  • In addition, this Tuesday, March 24, it will donate approximately 11 thousand gallons of Anhydrous Alcohol, which will be distributed among the Government of Caldas, Risaralda and Quindío. The alcohol will be delivered to the Licorera de Caldas for processing.
  • Additionally, articulated with the sugarcane agro-industrial sector, the company also joined in the delivery of 41 thousand liters of alcohol for health entities in Valle del Cauca.
  • For the company, the articulation between the private sector and the government has always been relevant, to advance in the construction of a collective vision of development in the territories of influence, and in the face of the current situation, it will remain alert and continue taking the necessary measures for the benefit of their workers and their families.

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