Third Report on Alcohol Donations

Santiago de Cali, March 31, 2020


Third Report on Alcohol Donations

  • The Riopaila Castilla Group has already donated more than 152,000 liters of alcohol to municipalities in Valle del Cauca, government entities, and the Government of Valle, Caldas, and Cundinamarca.
  • These 152 thousand liters have been distributed as follows:
  1. Today, March 31, 41 liters of alcohol were donated to the District of Bogotá.
  2. Additionally, last week 42,000 liters of alcohol were dispatched and donated to the Government of Caldas, Quindío and Risaralda. The alcohol will be delivered to the Licorera de Caldas for processing.
  3. It delivered 41 thousand liters to the Government of the Valley.
  4. These three deliveries have been made in conjunction with Asocaña.
  5. Today, a thousand liters of alcohol were also donated to IMPEC Buga, and a thousand to the Cali Air Force, for a total of 2 thousand liters.
  6. Additionally, 26,000 liters of alcohol have been delivered to the municipalities of Zarzal, and its corregimiento La Paila, Florida, Bugalagrande, Pradera, Roldanillo and Tuluá; The company also donated alcohol to Toro, Darién, Caicedonia, Seville, La Victoria and La Unión.
  • Carlos Augusto Gómez, Sustainability Manager of the Riopaila Castilla Group mentions that: “Riopaila Castilla has assumed its role as a co-responsible actor not only in the territories close to its areas of operation, but also in the region and the country, because we know that together we will be able to overcome this situation.”
  • Given the current situation, Riopaila Castilla continues and is alert to continue taking the necessary measures for the benefit of the territories near its area of operation, the region, the country and, of course, its workers and their families.

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