The leadership that characterizes Yegerson

The leadership that characterizes Yegerson

Santiago de Cali, December 10, 2019


The leadership that characterizes Yegerson, despite his physical condition

"Yegerson is an enterprising man, a collaborator, a good colleague, he always has the best disposition and is characterized by his great commitment." This is how Dagnis Ortiz, Coordinator of Empacadero Riopaila, defines her SENA Practitioner, Yegerson Andrés Castañeda.

A native of Zarzal, Valle, Yegerson expresses that, since his birth, he has suffered from certain motor difficulties on the right side of his body, which has made it difficult for him to access the labor field, being a concern for him, since it is his wife's livelihood. and a son.

At 28 years of age, he completed a Technical study in Confectionery Production with Control and Quality in Sintracolombina; After completing his educational stage, he knocked on several doors in order to carry out his business practice, an essential requirement to obtain his degree, however, the responses were not positive.

One afternoon, while he was playing a soccer game at the Riopaila Plant Sports Center, which is open to the community, one of the company Directors approached him and suggested that he submit his resume to the company to participate in some of the vacancies for SENA interns that were required. Yegerson submitted his resume and began the proper selection process for his practice, successfully completing the interviews for the position.

Due to the results he obtained in the selection process, he entered the Packing area of the Riopaila Plant, and it was there where he met his partner and friend Diego Salazar Ramírez, in charge of instructing Yegerson in his functions, and who is part of the Model of Labor Reconversion of the company.

“We must always welcome people, that is why, without knowing Yegerson, I hugged him, welcomed him, and even though I was going on vacation just that day, we agreed that when he came back we would do good teamwork to carry out the process of control and quality”, this was expressed by Diego, who in turn highlighted that Yegerson is a person to admire who, although he has a limitation, is a born leader.

For his part, Dagnis Ortiz, his boss, comments that Yegerson has reflected his full potential, earning the trust of all his colleagues, supervisors and bosses, to the point that they have delegated more demanding tasks to him that he has performed exceptionally well.

Faced with the opportunity in the Riopaila Castilla Agroindustrial Group, Yegerson mentioned that: "It has been a wonderful achievement, my family and I are very grateful to Riopaila Castilla, I greatly appreciate the people who have accompanied me in this process from the first moment and I would like to continue growing in this great company." He thanks all his colleagues for their full support in meeting the objectives of the area and the company.

Through these actions, the company demonstrates its commitment to promoting practices based on inclusion, providing working conditions to people with physical limitations and/or in special conditions, from the stage of professional practice, within the framework of conduct responsible business.

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