Thanks to Bernardo for his 41 years of work

Thanks to Bernardo for his 41 years of work

Santiago de Cali, January 27, 2020


After 41 years of work in the company, the Riopaila Castilla Agroindustrial Group thanks Bernardo Hernández for his career and commitment

Since December 2019, Bernardo Hernández completed his work cycle as a Professional in Risk Prevention, in the Occupational Health and Safety area of the Castilla Plant. He had a career of 41 years in the Riopaila Castilla Agroindustrial Group, passing through approximately 12 positions within the company, experience that allowed him to grow and be the person and professional he is today.

His family was the main support to successfully complete this journey. “They know that Riopaila Castilla is a great company, it has given us everything we have today. Thanks to Riopaila Castilla I have been and am an example for my family, since I am a professional dedicated to my work, always with my shirt on, giving my all.”

During his years of experience, Bernardo faced several challenges, one of them was to carry out his professional career while fulfilling his work obligations, but Riopaila Castilla provided him with all the opportunities and benefits to complete his studies.

He also highlighted the changes from its beginning to its culmination within the organization, mentioning that he went from being a young graduate to a professional, from being single to a married man, forming a family, having daughters, managing to give them a professional study, obtaining their his own house, all this thanks to Riopaila Castilla SA Facing his culmination stage, he expressed: "I have many mixed feelings, among those, the feeling of the work accomplished, of having given all of myself for this company, of being a fulfilled person both professionally and personally."

He is very grateful to the company, for which he has a lot of affection and respect, he is aware of the managers, directors, friends and co-workers, with whom he shared day by day during all these years.

Through experiences like Bernardo's, the Riopaila Castilla Agroindustrial Group demonstrates the firm commitment it has to its long-standing workers, ensuring that, as long as they achieve their personal and professional goals and are committed to the company, the company will offer them the necessary benefits. to reward them for all the commitment given during their years of work.

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