Santiago de Cali, August 24, 2020

Communication to the public opinion No. 2

The Riopaila Castilla Agroindustrial Group reports that:

  • It is not the owner of the Policane product patent at a national or international level, nor does it have a legal and/or commercial relationship with said patent.
  • Nor is it the owner of the patent for the Sukkar and Polisukkar products whose owner is the same as the one applying for the patent for the Policane product.
  • Regarding Sukkar, Riopaila Castilla in 2005 and for a few months, produced and sold concentrated sugarcane juice to the company CI Sukkar SA, owner of said product and its patent associated with the Sukkar brand. Riopaila Castilla did not participate in its marketing or distribution.
  • The only patent owned by Riopaila Castilla is that of an intermediate sugar, which was granted on February 28, 2013 by the SIC. The product associated with this patent was not launched on the market.
  • Riopaila Castilla reaffirms its appreciation to the panelero sector for what it represents in the country's economy and the dynamism it generates.
  • In addition, it reiterates that it acts in full compliance with the law and respects Law 40 of 1990, through which regulations are issued for the protection and development of panela production and the panela promotion quota is established.

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