RioCas highlights worker's work

RioCas highlights worker's work

Santiago de Cali, January 14, 2020


The Riopaila Castilla Agroindustrial Group highlights the work of its workers with more than 40 years in the company

“My biggest challenge is being able to satisfy the requirements of my position and meeting the objectives, always giving my best so that our company can move forward.”

Jairo Manuel Minotta Solarte, General Services Coordinator of the Castilla Plant of the Riopaila Castilla Agroindustrial Group, began working at the company as an Assistant in the Materials Warehouse, and during his career he has held different positions, currently leading him to celebrate 40 years in the company. where he has lived unforgettable moments with his co-workers.

Jairo is an honest man, eager to work and passionate about serving the community. He places a lot of emphasis on the commitment that must be had with the company and on always doing things with love and honesty, since as he mentions, "Riopaila Castilla is a great company that creates direct and indirect employment, and in this way it is generating development in the country."

His family is very grateful to the company because, thanks to it, Jairo had the opportunity to study for his children and be able to fulfill his dream of having his own home. For these and many other reasons, Riopaila Castilla means a lot to him.

Jairo states that the company has always had the commitment to watch over and worry about its workers; Throughout his professional development in the company, he has been able to witness different changes: technological, new products, competitive equipment in the market and processes that allow systems to be improved compared to how they were done before.

Through voices like Jairo's and his experience, the company demonstrates its commitment to each of its workers, to offer them benefits and opportunities that they contribute in their different personal and family spheres, and in this way, allowing them to fulfill their life projects, generating, in turn, shared value for this interest group.

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