RioCas provides hospital centers in Valle del Cauca with bioprotection elements

Santiago de Cali, April 07, 2020


Riopaila Castilla provides hospital centers in Valle del Cauca with bioprotection elements

160 thousand liters of alcohol have been donated to local and departmental governments, peasants and small farmers, educational centers, prisons, hospitals, workers and cane suppliers, seeking to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Riopaila Castilla Agroindustrial Group provides bioprotection elements to hospital centers in Valle del Cauca, which will benefit the inhabitants of Florida, Pradera and Zarzal, as well as residents of the surrounding municipalities.

The donation, which included the logistical intervention and contributions of ProPacífico, includes more than 50,000 bioprotection units such as patient and surgical gowns, surgical masks, face masks, gloves, leggings, hats, glasses, among others, which are delivered in a staggered manner.

The deliveries are planned to be made in two moments; the first, between April 7 and 8, in the presence of the municipal mayors and some other leaders; and the second installment is scheduled for the week of April 13.

The interest of the agro-industrial group is to be part of the solution to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which is why its humanitarian aid today exceeds 160,000 liters of alcohol to the most deprived entities and organizations, in addition to donations of sugar, Riopaila Castilla y its foundation, are linked to other social initiatives such as educational and preventive campaigns, leisure management, markets for vulnerable people, psychosocial support, while its operations continue so as not to deplete the country of energy, alcohol, biofuels, sugar, honey, among other derivatives. of the cane

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