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Privacy Policy

This policy will apply extensively to the RIOPAILA CASTILLA BUSINESS GROUP, made up of RIOPAILA CASTILLA SA, a Colombian commercial company, established by Public Deed number 1514 dated June 1, 2006, granted at Notary Fifteen of the Circle of Cali, with address at Calle 35 Norte # 6A Bis – 100, Santa Mónica Business Center, Cali – Valle del Cauca, registered in the Cali Chamber of Commerce since June 1, 2006 under No. 6742 of Book IX, where it has the Registration Mercantile 686130-4, holder of the Nit. 900087414-4, a Colombian agribusiness company that, through the production and marketing of sugar, honey, alcohol, energy and palm, contributes to food and energy security in Colombia, as the parent company of the GROUP.


Year 2017

We have changed our administrative headquarters, therefore as Heads of
treatment of personal data it is our duty to inform that our new headquarters
It is Calle 35 Norte # 6A Bis – 100, Santa Mónica Business Center. In this venue the
Owners of personal data can exercise their habeas data rights through
written communication as indicated in the Data Processing Policy
personal. To learn about our other service channels and how to exercise
your rights You can download the most current version of the policy on this site.

In this update of the policy we have made the following changes: the address of the Group companies is updated according to the chamber of commerce, a new interest group called "retirees" was entered for which there are specific purposes in the processing of personal data and purposes for the processing of personal data were entered in the other interest groups. Query here the new version of the policy.