• The Riopaila Castilla Agroindustrial group began in 2018 with its Organic Cane project, and currently has more than 1,200 hectares destined for planting this crop.


  • This planting and cultivation process requires 3 years to then start production. During this stage, the residual concentrations of fertilizers used in the conventional sugar production process are eliminated and organic by-products are used, some of them resulting from the production process of cane derivatives to fertilize the field.


  • In this way the company takes advantage of its derivatives. This is the case of vinasse, a by-product of alcohol distillation, which is used to complete the dose of nutrition in organic cane plants.


  • To achieve production complying with organic standards, some operating procedures must also be modified, such as the washing and disinfection of the equipment involved in the process.


  • During the three years that the company has been involved in this project, it has implemented an organic adjuvant to guarantee the best grinding speeds and thus optimize productivity.


  • For the year 2022, it is already planned to start with an organic sugar production of more than 7 thousand tons destined for the export market.


  • In this way, the Riopaila Castilla group continues to affirm its commitment to the development of Colombian agribusiness through practices that respond to the Sustainable Development Goals, in this case SDG: 9.


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Head of Communications

Riopaila Castilla Group

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