President's message to stakeholders 1TP4Q2 COVID19 situation

President's message to our Stakeholders

The contingency of COVID19 has traced us a critical path that imposes challenges, innovation and creativity. A path that together with you and thanks to you we have been able to travel, because we continue to work firmly for our commitment to business sustainability.

We are certain that together we can harvest more and better things. Throughout our history, we have worked, grown and fertilized fundamental ground, and if you ask me what we are going to do to overcome this moment, I will tell you to work with intelligence and solidarity.

With intelligence, because it is the best way to deal with the gradual activation of the economy. We must continue to take care of ourselves, responsibly assuming the safety protocols and guidelines established by the National Government. Let's not skimp on care, let's think about our children, family, friends; because to the extent that each one is careful with himself, he will also be careful with his environment, positively impacting those around him.

With solidarity, because thanks to your trust, commitment and support we have supported Colombian peasant families, through food aid, bioprotection elements and alcohol for the municipalities. Our interest, in addition to contributing with donations, is to promote environments of respect, coexistence and union in our interest groups, in the midst of confinement.

That is why we have thought about the mental health of our workers, their families and the communities in the areas where we operate, developing educational and informative campaigns, hand in hand with our Fundación Caicedo González Riopaila Castilla, around healthy coexistence, time management in family and respect for women, children and grandparents.

Almost two months have passed since the health emergency was declared in Colombia. Now we are seeing how the economy is slowly starting to pick up again, which is encouraging; For the support, commitment, solidarity and accompaniment during this time, I would like to thank our workers, shareholders, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders once again.


Peter Henry Cardona
Agroindustrial Group
Riopaila Castilla S.A.

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