Environmental practices aligned with the SDGs

Santiago de Cali, March 16, 2020


Environmental practices aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

  • One of the significant environmental practices that the company has been implementing for more than 20 years for the efficient use of water resources, and which also contributes to the fulfillment of its mega environmental goal: "To be a Leader in the Preservation of Water Resources", is the water recirculation.
  • Recirculation of treated wastewater[1], helps prevent increased water consumption in factories from an external source to ensure optimal operation of equipment, and reduce flow[2] of treated wastewater discharged.
  • Through this practice, the Riopaila Castilla Group contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals - ODS, which are part of the 2030 Agenda; specifically to SDG 6. “Clean water and sanitation”. It seeks to guarantee the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.
  • The water recirculation process in factories consists of 1) recirculating treated wastewater from the Industrial Wastewater Treatment System – STARI, for cane washing prior to entering the grinding process; and 2) direct the hot water that comes out of the cooling circuits of some factory equipment, to the cooling pool, to later return it to the factories once it has cooled down, to be used again for cooling.
  • With the implementation of this practice, during 2019, the 92% of the total water used in factory operations, mainly for cooling processes, ash removal and cane washing, was recirculated, this corresponds to approximately 52.9 million cubic meters.
  • Thanks to this practice, the percentage of recirculation has remained above the 90% for the last 5 years; and through these sustainable actions, the company strengthens its commitment to continue contributing to caring for the environment and efficient use of natural resources, in order to continue generating shared value for its stakeholders.

[1]Treated Wastewater: waters conducted to a Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) where the removal of contaminants is carried out. The output (effluent) of the treatment system is known as treated wastewater.

[2] Flow: quantity of fluid that circulates through a section of a duct (pipe, pipe, oil pipeline, river, canal, etc.) per unit of time.

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