Successful case graduated Educarse Program

Santiago de Cali, January 30, 2020


Rodrigo Carrejo, one of the 2019 Academic Bachelors who graduated from the Comfandi School for Youth and Adults, through the EducaRSE Program

Rodrigo Carrejo has been working with the Riopaila Castilla Agroindustrial Group for 27 years, starting as a contractor, and 10 years ago he was directly linked to the company.

On January 22 at the facilities of the Belisario Caicedo School, in Pradera, Valle, Rodrigo was one of the 30 Academic Bachelors 2019 who graduated from the Comfandi School for Youth and Adults, through the EducaRSE program, through which, he achieved overcome various fears that had haunted him for a long time, since he thought that due to his age he would not be able to finish his studies “It was a very nice experience, a lot of effort, I set out to do it and I achieved it, everyone in the company supported me, as did my wife, son and sister, for that I thank them”

He currently works in the Mechanical Maintenance area, at the Castilla Plant, where on occasions, training sessions were presented to which he could not apply since he did not have the necessary studies, he only managed to complete modules at SENA without certification. So, and seeing that everyone participated in the programs except him, he was motivated to finish his studies, in order to aspire to later become a Technician or a Technology.

“The day of the degree I did not believe it, a great happiness invaded me at the moment of receiving the diploma, I always had the motivation that there was less and less time left for the degree, and then this one changes, he even begins to talk with more property thanks to my new knowledge”.

Rodrigo Carrejo thanks the Riopaila Castilla Group for this great opportunity, for also allowing his son to be part of the company in the Grinding area, and encourages his other colleagues to take part in these programs that the company offers, since he considers that Being a bachelor is very important and he feels very satisfied because through the company he was able to obtain his bachelor's degree.

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