This donation adds to a larger purpose led by the Fundación Caicedo González Riopaila Castilla in the municipalities of operation of its main contributor, Riopaila Castilla, where it seeks to generate conditions for access to food from the basic food basket for families in vulnerable situations.

Bengala Agrícola SAS, Riopaila Castilla SA and the Fundación Caicedo González Riopaila Castilla join forces to deliver 5,000 kilos of pineapple, via donation, to beneficiary mothers of the Gen Cero program and other vulnerable families in the municipalities of Florida and Pradera.

The interest of these organizations in the food and nutritional security of the inhabitants of the southern Valle del Cauca makes this alliance possible, contributing to nutrition due to its high content of B complex, calcium, zinc and vitamin A.

Helping to reduce malnutrition is one way to move towards sustainable development. According to the World Bank, reducing the malnutrition rate by 1% contributes to reducing poverty rates by 4%.

Delivery to vulnerable families is made through community leaders, foundations and presidents of Community Action Boards, maintaining biosecurity measures at all times.

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