178,670 MWh/year of renewable energy supplies Riopaila Castilla to the country

  • The country's energy generation is composed of 68% by renewable resources, among these, the largest share with a representation of 67%1, corresponds to water resources. This guarantee of clean generation becomes an element of risk due to climate change, which can cause a deficit in rivers and reservoirs destined for the generation of electrical energy.
  • Riopaila Castilla through its subsidiary Riopaila Energía, manages to be an alternative for the generation of energy from Non-Conventional Renewable Sources (FNCER) through the combustion of sugar cane bagasse in its highest percentage.
  • Its generating practice complements the public network in periods of low water availability in the country, granting a guarantee of firmness and reliability to the demand, thanks to the supply availability and efficiency of its operation, reaching the maximum generation, to the extent that there is a drought. .
  • Currently the capacity installed and registered with XM SA ESP by cogenerators represents 1% of the national total, in particular the Riopaila Castilla – Riopaila Energía Group contributes 33% of energy, among national cogenerators.
  • This source of renewable generation has been the engine of business sustainability. It also contributes to sustainable development goals 7, Affordable and Non-polluting Energy and 13, Climate Action.

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